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About Us
Park Forest Cooperative IV Area E, a not-for-profit corporation, was established in 1964. Our Cooperative is comprised of 402, two-story townhomes in Park Forest, Illinois. Our townhomes are located on approximately 41 acres of grounds and 21 miles of sidewalks with abundant greenspace.

By becoming a Member of the Cooperative, you own a share in the corporation. Our Cooperative is guided by a Board of Directors, who are all Members of the Cooperative. The policies and procedures of our Cooperative are carried out by a team consisting of a Property Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, an office staff, and maintenance staff.
Our Cooperative has 2 and 3 bedroom units which the Members purchase and have the opportunity to make upgrades for an improved resale value. Our units consist of interior, end, duplex, side-drive, and carport units. After initially purchasing a unit, the Member will pay a monthly carrying charge for maintenance, taxes, and interest in the Cooperative. A portion of your investment is tax deductible.

As a Cooperative Member/Shareholder, you have the added convenience of maintenance personnel to service standard maintenance problems. Our Cooperative offers many cost-share programs for our Members to make improvements along with providing many improvements to every unit through on-going upgrade projects.

Financing opportunities are available through local financial institutions.

Board of Directors:

Doyle Sims.............President

Joe Smith...........Vice President

Ken Price..............Secretary

Craig Williams.........Treasurer

Barbara Jackson........Director at Large

Joel Ramirez...........Director at Large

Sandra J. Isaac........Property Manager

Tim Sepper...............Maintenance Supervisor

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