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Units On the Market
The following units are currently on the market:
November 7, 2018
2 Bedroom Interior
2 Bedroom End
2 Bedroom Duplex with Court Parking
3 Bedroom Duplex with Court Parking
3 Bedroom Duplex with Side Drive
3 Bedroom Duplex with Carport
Please confirm with the Management Office on updates of availabilities.
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2 Bedroom Duplex with Side Drive
77 Forest              $20,000      Count E-12  
112 Elm                 $25,400     Count E-13   
115 Elm                $22,400       Count E-11
2820 Western      $28,400      Count E-7
3 Bedroom End
2830 Western   $13,500    Court E-7   
133 Forest   $12,000  Court E-14   
93 Elm              $17,000    Court E-6