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Member’s Page
You may download and print the Forms noted below by clicking on the particular Form.
Management Updates
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Important Forms
Messages for the Park Forest Cooperative IV Area E Board of Directors may be left by dialing (708) 748-9005 and pressing the keys, 17, after the message begins. To leave a message for the Property Manager, press 15; the Sales Department, press 11; non-emergency maintenance work, press 10.
Pet Registration
Each household is allowed two pets. Every pet in our Cooperative must be licensed with the Village of Park Forest and registered with the Management Office by May 31st of every calendar year.
Carrying Charges
•2-Bedroom Interior.....$528.00
•2-Bedroom End..........$544.00
•2-Bedroom Twin Court...$550.00
•2-Bedroom Twin Drive...$561.00
•3-Bedroom End..........$592.00

•3-Bedroom Twin Court...$599.00
•3-Bedroom Twin Drive...$612.00
•3-Bedroom Carport......$619.00
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