Cooperative Forms can be downloaded, filled out, and submitted to the Cooperative Office drop box, that is located right outside of the main door.
Management Updates:
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Cooperative Forms:
Automated Payment Program:
ACH Authorization Form
ACH Removal Form
Emergency Contact Form:
Emergency Contact Form
Member Requirements and Improvement Forms:
Member Improvement Form
Non standard Member Improvement Waiver
Non standard Waiver Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Electrical Requirements
First Floor Bathroom Requirements
Kitchen Cabinet Program
Patio Criteria
Satellite Dish Specifications 
Any Member Improvement that is approved to be completed by the Shareholder, will need to submit a copy of the Insurance on the unit with the Member Improvement Form for complete approval.  Any electrical and plumbing improvement must be completed by a licensed and insured electrician and/or plumber.
The Cooperative recommends a (HO6) Policy on the unit.
Security Systems:
Security systems in Cooperative units are subject to all Village Ordinances and must be registered with the Village before being registered with the Cooperative.  A non-compliance fee may be assessed for a security system not registered with the Cooperative (please reference page 40 of your House and Grounds Manual).
A Violation Fee will be assessed July 31st, exclusive of other fees, for any security system that is not properly registered with the Cooperative yearly.  An additional fee will be assessed each subsequent month the security system is not registered. (please reference page 40 of your House and Grounds Manual).  The Cooperative Office must have a code to gain entry in case of an emergency.  If your code changes at any time please update with the Cooperative Office.
Security System signs must have written approval from the Cooperative to be displayed.
Please contact the Office if you no longer have the security system.  An inspection of the dwelling unit will be completed to confirm the system has been removed.
Smart Ring Doorbell Improvement Form
Guest Request/Permitted Occupant/Removal Forms:
Permitted Occupant Form
Permitted Occupant Removal
Guest Request Form
Guest Removal Form
Pet Registration Form:
Pet Registration Form
Each household is allowed two pets. Every pet in the Cooperative
must be licensed with the Village of Park Forest, and registered
with the Cooperative Management Office by May 31st, of every calendar year.
Complaint and Appeal Forms:
Complaint Forms
Appeal Request